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Jordan’s Taco Trail!

Jordan Rivers is making his way around Kentuckiana trying as many taco spots as he can! Win a $20 Gift Card to the Taco Stop of the week every day this week when you play the 2k Question of the Day with him at 4pm!

10/1: This week, he tried I Love Tacos on Bardstown Road! The Asada, Tinga, Al Pastor, & Birria were his taco choices. It was hard to pick a favorite, but if one had to be chosen… Birria wins! Seriously, the Birria Broth was to die for. Pro tip: Dip chips in it. Or just drink it straight from the bowl. Both work. An honorable mention… the swirl margarita. Nothing like a lunch buzz and brain freeze.

10/8: This eeek, Jordan tried Taco City in Middletown! The Taco De Mole, Taco De Tinga, and Korean Steak Taco were his taco choices! These tacos were STUFFED. Two hands were definitely needed to eat these bad boys. The flavor… DELICIOUS! And the patio was a nice touch to the experience. An honorable mention… the chips and salsa. More specifically, the salsa. He claims there was a salsa dance in his mouth after eating it. $4.50 well spent.

10/15:  This week, the Taco Trail went authentic Mexican! Jordan tried El Molcajete on the corner of 4th & Heywood, right by Churchill Downs & U of L’s campus. His taco choices were the barbacoa and the pollo. They were served traditionally with onion, cilantro, and lime. He said that he can’t wrap his head around such simple ingredients coming together and being so delicious. The sauce offerings were the cherry on top… that salsa verde tho! An honorable mention… the salsa! This isn’t your typical salsa, and comes with a twist that we won’t spoil if you’ve never been there. Trust him and the rest of Louisville on this one because it won Best Salsa in Louisville in 2018. Last but not least, pair your delicious meal with one of several fruit water options they have available. Let’s just say Jordan went coocoo for the coconut!

Want a good laugh, watch Jordan dance with tacos here: TikTacos

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