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Meet MJ!

MJ’s a mom & a wife, avid book/tv/music/movie lover, sci-fi & comic geek, knows her way around a toolbox, loves live music & comedy, is more than a little addicted to social media and chocolate, isn’t afraid to get dirty in the yard, roots for the underdog, has a Masters in Sarcasm but a real background in Music and Sociology/Criminal Justice, loves animals, can throw a spiral, and generally tries to keep all four wheels on the road 99% of the time.

MJ’s Interests/Habits:
  • Domestic fun – cooking, gardening, DIY
  • Sports (all kinds!) Watching, playing, cheering…especially her son’s and U of L! Plays golf poorly, but enjoys it.
  • Live Music, Theater & Art
  • Family Activities (Married & Mom to a teenaged son)
  • Has become forcibly involved in red-neckery like camping thanks to her husband
  • Sci-Fi & Comic book geek
  • Fitness/Wellness/Beauty
  • World-Class Penny-Pincher
Favorite Charitable Causes:
  • March of Dimes
  • Breast Cancer Awareness – mom is a survivor
  • Animal Shelters – 2 adopted kitty-kids
  • Children’s Charities (Clip for Kids, Hope’s Closet)

Facebook: @MJOntheairYo
Instagram: @mjontheair
Twitter: @MJ_OnTheAir

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